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Inklusive Fachbuch-Schnellsuche. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen The MPLAB Snap can be connected to a computer using a High-Speed USB 2.0 interface and can be connected to the target via an 8-pin Single In-Line (SIL) connector. The connector uses two device I/O pins and the reset line to implement in-circuit debugging and In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™). It has all the speed and features entry-level users need to quickly debug their prototype will also work with 32-bit based microcontroller, such as SAM, CEC and PIC32 devices. The MPLAB Snap connects to the computer using a high-speed 2.0 USB interface and connects to the target via a Microchip debug 8-pin Single In-Line (SIL) connector. The SIL connector uses two device I/O pins and the reset line to implement in-circui

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  1. Products Supported The MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer supports PIC, AVR and SAM MCUs and dsPIC DSCs, and firmware is continually being upgraded to add support for new devices. For the most current list of supported parts, review the latest release notes located in MPLAB X IDE. New product support is released via MPLAB X IDE. Visit www.microchip.com/mplabx to downloa
  2. MPLAB Snap Support The MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer supports many, but not all, PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs at this time. The firmware is continually being upgraded to add support for new devices. For the most current list of supported parts, review the latest release notes located in MPLAB X IDE . To request device support or to report issues, email:   Snap_update@microchip.co
  3. g using the powerful graphical us er interface of MPLAB X IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or MPLAB IPE (Integrated Program
  4. Use the single in-line connector between the MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger and the target board connector (see Figure 3-1 and Standard Debugger System - Device With On-board ICE Circuitry). USING AN ADAPTER Use the AC164110 adapter between the MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger and the target device with the modular interface (six conductor) cable. The pin numbering for the connector is shown from the bottom of the target PCB i
  5. Follow the steps below to find the list of devices supported by MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC). Go to http://www.microchip.com/mplab/mplab-code-configurator. Click on the 'Current Download' tab. Choose to view the PDF Release Notes in Device Libraries for the device you want to check. The supported devices are listed in the appendix of the.
  6. us mega328,

Choose to view the pdf ' Release Notes' in 'Device Libraries' for device you want to check. The supported devices are listed in the appendix of the 'Release Notes'. Note that this error may be seen in MCC when the device selected in MPLAB X IDE is not supported by MCC e.g., PIC24 devices cannot be supported by XC32 compiler. G Green indicates full, production tested support. Y Yellow indicates preliminary, beta support, not production tested. Yellow light support is often intended for early adopters of new parts who need quick support and understand that some operations or functions may not be available The supported device list is far smaller and mostly consists of a limited number of PIC devices with a handful of AVR parts. Popular chips like the ATmega328* aren't supported. If budget is a problem and you're only using PIC then buy a clone PICkit 3 for the same price as the MPLAB Snap and has most of what PICkit 4 can do and a few extras Support Resources; More. Expand search. Search Search. Search Close search Cancel. Log in. PICkit4 or MPLAB SNAP appears to be dead. Mar 8, 2021 • Knowledge. Information. Title. Provide a short description of the article. The title appears in the article and in search results. PICkit4 or MPLAB SNAP appears to be dead. Issue Symptoms. Its LED light doesn't turn on. It is detected in the.

www.microchip.com/snap Products Supported The MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer supports most PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs, and firmware is continually being upgraded to add support for new devices. For the most current list of supported parts, review the latest release notes located in MPLAB X IDE. As new device firmware is released, it can be downloaded free of charge at www.microchip.com/snap The debugger works with Microchip PIC, dsPIC, Flash, AVR or DSC devices. It will also work with 32-bit SAM, CEC and PIC32 devices.The MPLAB Snap connects to the computer using a high-speed USB interface and connects to the target via a Microchip debug 8-pin Single In-Line (SIL) connector Along with its support for a wide target voltage, the MPLAB Snap supports advanced interfaces such as 4-wire JTAG and Serial Wire Debug with streaming data gateway. The MPLAB Snap is also backward compatible for demo boards, headers, and target systems using 2-wire JTAG and ICSP

For a list of devices supported by the MPLAB Snap debugger/programmer, It's recommended to download the free fully featured MPLAB X 5.05 or later IDE and review the file located in the program's installation directory called Device Support.htm. Jumper wires and USB Cable not included. Jumper wires pictured are SparkFun PN:PRT-1089 Atmel Studio does not know anything about MPLAB SNAP. MPLAB IDE does not know anything about XMEGA E5 series parts. MPLAB IPE does not know anything about XMEGA E5. And, of course, my first paycheck at my new job is NEXT Friday. Guess who is going to first against the wall when the revolution comes. If you don't know my whole story, keep your mouth shut. If you know my whole story, you're an. Device: PIC24FJ128GA010 (other PIC24F devices should work too) Debug Header: Only check the box if you are using one. Tool: Choose a simulator unless you have a hardware debug tool (i.e. MPLAB ICD 3, REAL ICE™, etc.) and appropriate target hardware The ICD 2 firmware is field upgradeable using the MPLAB IDE. The ICD 2 can be used to erase, program or reprogram PIC MCU program memory, while the device is installed on target hardware, using ICSP. Target device voltages from 2.0V to 6.0V are supported. MPLAB ICD 電子部品,通販,販売,半導体,ic,マイコン,電子工作マイクロチップ MPLAB SNAP秋月電子通商 電子部品通信販

Or, does MPLAB even support it? Should I go for some other software? FYI, I am running this on Linux. pic microchip mplab pickit mplabx. Share. Cite. Improve this question. Follow edited Jan 19 '16 at 12:09. shivams . asked Jan 19 '16 at 11:55. shivams shivams. 196 1 1 silver badge 12 12 bronze badges \$\endgroup\$ 11 \$\begingroup\$ The latest MPLAB X is 3.20, not 2.26. Can you confirm what. I recently got myself an mplab snap since it was reasonably priced and claimed AVR JTAG support. I'm trying to get the snap ro connect to an m644. After several attempts and not an insignificant amount of guesswork, I've finally got it to atleast compile blinky with avr8 (dont really want to go down the XC8 rabbit hole), verify target voltage and read the chip signature correctly and attempt.

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The MPLAB PICkit 4 (PG164140) development tool is available today for $47.95. The MPLAB Snap (PG164100) is available today for $14.95. The ATmega4809 Curiosity Nano board (DM320115) is available today for $10.00. For a list of supported devices download MPLAB X IDE MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink. Microchip official blockset v3.46.064 supporting up to 350 microcontrollers.. MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink enables Embedded Coder for automated build and execution of real-time executable for any board equipped with a dsPIC ®️, PIC32 ®️, SAMx5 or SAMx7 from a Simulink model.. This support package is functional for R2010a and beyond (tested with R2020b) MCC support for Microchip's portfolio of dual-core devices (dsPIC33CH) provides an easy-to-use interface that enables users to speed up the development of dual-core devices. The dsPIC33CH Master and Slave Cores are designed so that the Slave Core can execute dedicated, time-critical control code while the Master Core is running the user interface and other applications such as system. MPLAB X is the latest version of the MPLAB IDE built by Microchip Technology, and is based on the open-source NetBeans platform. MPLAB X supports editing, debugging and programming of Microchip 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers.. MPLAB X is the first version of the IDE to include cross-platform support for macOS and Linux operating systems, in addition to Microsoft Windows mplab snapが届いた . 秋月に注文していた「mplab snap」が届きました。 snapの5v0の端子と、14ピン用picの1番ピン(5v) を「スルーホール用テストワイヤ」で繋いで電源を供給してみるとうまく動きました。動作も問題なく、しかも軽快。純正品ならではの安定感です。 <<注意>>ピンが外れたり.

3. ICD3Err0045: You must connect to a target device to use MPLAB ICD 3. a. It usually appears when the device (PIC) is not powered. Make sure you provide power from ICD3 or from an external power supply, but not from both in the same time. b. If the device is powered, then try to update the firmware - see details in chapter 4 below Unknow devices support for new microcontrollers . Mplab X / Harmony. PROS. It is the current go to offer from Microchip; Certain support for 2+ years; Support to new microcontrollers ; CONS. IDE is less intuitive and the layout is bad (personal view) Compiles/IDE mix seems to have a reputation of being buggy . We are not certain about the uncertain support because we haven't found any. Products Supported The MPLAB ICD 4 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer supports most PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs, and fi rmware is contunally being upgraded to add support for new devices. For the most current list of supported parts, review the latest release notes located in MPLAB X IDE. As new device fi rmware is released, it can be downloaded free of charge at www.microchip.com. Host System. MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger - for development programming only MPLAB PM3 Programmer - recommended for production programming MPLAB REAL ICE™ Emulator - recommended for production programmin

Devices supported by MPLAB Code Configurator Archives. I checked out the site but I don't see where it is listing supported devices. It is an awfully busy site. There is this But it is not clickable. You would think you could click the image and get a list. I am using the 18F26J53. Like Reply. AlbertHall. Joined Jun 4, 2014 11,242. Dec 5, 2016 #6 It is fairly new and support is growing. I don't know what percentage of devices are covered. It must. MPLAB has detected that the low voltage configuration bit on the device is off. Because Snap can use only low voltage programming, this configuration bit must be turned on in order to use Snap. You will need to use a different, blank device, or use another debug tool to erase this device, before continuing with Snap. Connection Failed When Atmel was acquired by Microchip a little over two years ago many users of Atmel devices voiced concern over the future for its products. The company has recently announced that the latest version of its Microchip MPLAB X IDE can now support Atmel controllers. For now, the support is still in its beta version and Microchip has emphasized that it intends to further develop and support the.

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MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink support Package target up to 507 Microchip MCU. Provide peripheral blocks for dsPIC 16 bit devices and PIC32, SAMx7, SAMx5, SAMx2 32 bits devices (MIPS, ARM Cortex M7/M4F/M0p). With Embedded Coder, builds and execution model in real-time on any board with a supported MCU. INSTALLATION: 1. unzip the packag Please note that the PICkit 2 was never designed to work with the newer devices and although it is known to work, you may cause damage to your PIC devices by using incorrect VPP programming voltages etc as supplied by the PICkit 2. PICkit3 using PK3CMD (OLD) There are two options for using the PICkit 3 depending on how you are powering your hardware: Powered externally. Location: $(appdir.

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This page is still in draft form - keep checking back as it will be released soon! All Modtronics nanoTRONICS24 and picoTRONICS24 PIC24 development boards are now shipped with a pre-programmed USB bootloader. This means you no longer need a ICSP (In-circuit Serial Programmer), like a picKit3, to get started with our PIC24 development boards Not supported: iPad 1, iPad 2, iOS 9. Snap Core First For iPad (Perpetual Version) Download the latest version of Snap Core First (Perpetual) for your iPad. 1 Installer. This iPad app provides the ability to immediately purchase Snap Core First with full functionality, including speaking capabilities. Only available in: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian. USB Overview. Universal Serial Bus, or USB, is a very common method of communication between electronic devices. USB is universal, meaning that it's standard across all electronic devices, serial, meaning that data is transmitted on only one data line one bit at a time, and is a bus, meaning that all devices are connected through the same parallel electronic wires and therefore require addresses

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New r2ka port to better support Rabbit 2000A, 2000B, 2000C, 3000. Molnár Károly <molnarkaroly.AT.users.sf.net> - adding pic devices, developing and maintaining pic device files generation scripts; Ben Shi <powerstudio1st.AT.163.com> - the front-end, the STM8 back-end, and the MCS-51 back-end maintain ; SDCC has had help from a number of external sources, including: Alan Baldwin <baldwin. 1 Device Support List. 2 Operating System Support List. 3 Reference Documents. 4 What's New/Updated. 5 USB Port Setup. 6 Powering the MPLAB ICD 2 and Target Board. 7 Setting Up the MPLAB ICD 2 and Target Board. 8 PIC18C601/801 User

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  1. HELP Help and Support Order Status Shipping Rates/Options Returns and Order Issues Tariff Information CONTACT US 1-800-344-4539 218-681-6674 sales@digikey.com 218-681-3380 800-344-4539 FOLLOW U
  2. Supported Devices. All external AVR microcontrollers with the UPDI interface can be programmed and debugged with the on-board debugger with Atmel Studio. External SAM microcontrollers that have a Curiosity Nano Board can be programmed and debugged with the on-board debugger with Atmel Studio. PIC16F15244 Curiosity Nano can program and debug external PIC16F15244 microcontrollers with MPLAB X.
  3. g capabilities.It just performs bank swap operations; Device always executes the application firmware from PFM bank mapped to lower memory.
  4. Table of Contents Setup Instructions 1. Turn on Device 2. Connect Device to WiFi 3. Device Calibration 4. Test Application Configuration Instructions 1. Add Device to CERTIFY.me Cloud 2. Parameter Setting 3. Set Temperature 4. Upload Logo 5. Access Password 6. Endpoint URL 7. Home View Settings 8. Scan View Settings 9. Confirmation View Setting
  5. How do I sync a page set on multiple devices In order to Sync a Page Set between devices, it must first Sync with a MyTobiiDynavox (MyTD) account. The Synced Page Set stored on MyTD will be the master version that gets updated when changes are made and Synced when the Page Set needs to be updated on a device. You ca
  6. Supported Human Interface Hardware¶ A wide range of Windows-compatible input hardware is supported by LSL and included with the distribution: Input devices (keyboards, trackballs, presenters, etc.) DirectX-compatible joysticks, wheels; Gamepads (e.g. XBox Controller) - cross-platform; Nintendo Wiimote and official expansion
  7. Kernel > Supported Devices. FreeRTOS Kernel Ports. Don't see an exact match for your microcontroller part number and compiler vendor choice? These demos can be adapted to any microcontroller within a supported microcontroller family. See the Creating a new FreeRTOS application and Adapting a FreeRTOS Demo documentation pages. As many IDEs are now based on Eclipse, also see the page that.
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If you have not Synced a device in a while, and you know the changes on your device are the real master copy, you can overwrite what is Synced on MyTD by using the Overwrite button in the Advanced drop-down in the Sync popup. The last 10 Syncs are available in the Sync popup under the Saved Versions drop-down. This allows you to revert to an. How to support new devices # Zigbee2MQTT uses zigbee-herdsman-converters to parse messages to and from devices. This page will guide you through the process of adding support for new devices to zigbee-herdsman-converters. In case you require any help feel free to create an issue. Before starting, first check if you devices is not already supported in the Zigbee2MQTT dev branch! This can be. MPLAB ® ICD2, MPLAB ® ICD3, MPLAB ® ICD4, MPLAB ® PICkit3, MPLAB ® PICkit4 & MPLAB ® REAL ICE™ Interface: This CCS Compiler Windows IDE plug-in enables the use of Microchip's MPLAB ® ICD2 and MPLAB ® REAL ICE™ for debugging. It requires MPLAB ® from Microchip Microchip PICKit2 and PICKit3 support ICSP: In Circuit Serial Programming for most PIC chips, and In Circuit Debugging for many. Because they are implemented as HID devices, you can NOT run them in Windows XP mode as the supplied virtual environment does not allow Attach to HID devices, even if they are listed. It may be possible with VirtualBOX

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  1. 1 Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2019. See Snap Inc. public fillings with the SEC 2 Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2019. See Snap Inc. public fillings with the SE
  2. g tools is done in a flash because MPLAB IDE has the same user interface for all tools. Note: Compiler will be needed to install after its installation, its upto which language compiler like c, assembly you install and for which family of microchip microcontrollers like 12f, 18f,32f.
  3. Also, it supports some devices I was interested in (e.g. the PIC12F1840) which the PICkit2 did not support. Unfortunately there's no official command-line utility for PICkit3 (though I managed to make my own which works—sorta), so you are kind of being forced to use the more cumbersome MPLAB X IDE or IPE. So far I have not used its debug.
  4. I 2 C or IIC or I2C stands for Inter-Integrated Circuit. It is a very popular multi-master, multi-slave serial communication interface developed by Philips. I 2 C uses two bidirectional open drain data lines, Serial Data (SDA) and Serial Clock (SCL) with pull up resistors as shown below. Unlike UART, you can connect and communicate to multiple devices using the same I2C bus
  5. Welcome to the support & training page for Snap Core First. Below you find all type of information that helps you be succeful with Snap Core First. If you are a new user we have collected everthing you need in our free Pathway app for Snap Core First so download it NOW on your iPad or from Microsoft Store on a Windows device. It includes step.

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  1. Verify that the driver installed by viewing the Device Manager*, Microchip Tools section. Complete the installation by referring to the Using MPLAB ICD 2 (DS51265), MPLAB ICD 2 In-Circuit Debugger User's Guide (DS51331) or MPLAB ICD 2 on-line help file. *To open the Device Manager window, click Start>Settings>Control Panel. In Contorl Panel.
  2. The compiler works with many other Microchip tools, including:. The MPLAB X IDE (www.microchip.com/mplab/mplab-x-ide) for all 8-bit PIC and AVR devicesThe Microchip.
  3. Connecting to MPLAB PICkit 3 Currently loaded firmware on PICkit 3 Firmware Suite Version01.56.00 Firmware typePIC18F. Target device was not found (could not detect target voltage VDD). You must connect to a target device to use PICkit 3
  4. Snap™ Core First® is a symbol-supported AAC app, developed to help people with language disabilities communicate. Based on core words and Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®), Snap Core First is simple to use and designed to grow alongside your communicator at all ages and stages of language development.Accessible via touch, eye gaze or switch, offering clear speech output and integrated.

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Devices that come with Snap Core First. I-Series. A fast, light and durable gaze-enabled speech generating device, featuring the world's #1 eye tracker. I-110 . An ultra-durable touch screen speech generating device designed for effective communication on the go. SC Tablet. An iPad-based speech generating device pre-loaded with a powerful AAC app. View all. What makes Snap Core First unique. UK003010 is a PICSTART Plus Flash, reprogrammable firmware upgrade. This PICSTART Plus Flash Upgrade Module (PUM) is a PCB that contains a PIC18F6720 device that has been programmed with the firmware needed to provide support for a specific set of devices in the MPLAB IDE. The PUM is used to replace the PIC17C44 inside of the PICSTART Plus, the device that contains the firmware that can. Batch script to switch USB drivers for the Microchip ICD3 In Circuit Debugger. Unlike the MPLAB Drive Switcher utility, this script supports all installation points of MPLAB8 and MPLABX, both 32 and 64 bit, and it uses only windows functionality to perform the switch, which is virtually instantaneous. Tested on Win10. Updated to support multiple ICD3 devices connected

I have seen many people with a device ban lately including myself two weeks ago. There is nothing you can do sadly expect for buying a new phone. ojandbananas. 1 points. 3 days ago. ojandbananas. 1 points. 3 days ago. fr? someone said to try something different. Fun_Army_1754. 1 points. 3 days ago. Fun_Army_1754 . 1 points. 3 days ago. you're gonna have to wait awhile until the ban lifts. Support resources for Snap Survey Software, Snap WebHost and Snap Mobile Anywhere. Worksheets, video tutorials webinars, and quick start guides

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  1. Enable Run Snap at Startup - checked (there may be a delay before you can check or uncheck this box) Enable Home Button - not checked (this item will be grayed out on I-12+ and I-15+ devices) Select Close. Select Restart Later. Launch Snap Core First. Go into Settings. Select System. Turn Use Passcode to On and setup a code that you will.
  2. DEVICES; SUPPORT . F.A.Q. Tutorials; Troubleshoot; Knowledge Base; Rooted Apps; Unlock Bootloader; Donate to Kingo; Cooperation; Contact Us; Update Log; Top Root Device; ANDROID ROOT ; ENGLISH . Español; 简体中文; 日本語; Indonesia; Please note that this list is incomplete. NOT LISTED does not necessarily mean NOT SUPPORTED. MOST POPULAR MANUFACTURERS. MORE MANUFACTURERS. Samsung.
  3. g out black and white/sepia.
  4. Device Information view: IO pins, operating range, DIP layout (for some devices). Hex file editor for all but newest devices (tested only with inhx32 format). Checksum computation (partial support). Register view: displays available registers. Configuration bits generator for some toolchains (gpasm, SDCC, and PIC30): partial support
  5. g is Now Faster and More Feature Rich with MPLAB® PICkit 4 Development Tool; News Microchip Announces Free Code Configuration Plug-In for MPLAB X IDE Makes it.
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The PIC ® microcontrollers (MCU) and dsPIC ® digital signal controllers (DSC) are supported with a full range of software and hardware development tools:. Integrated Development Environment. MPLAB ® X IDE Software; Compilers/Assemblers/Linkers. MPLAB XC Compiler; MPASM ™ Assembler; MPLINK ™ Object Linker/ MPLIB ™ Object Librarian; MPLAB Assembler/Linker/Librarian fo Discover our assistive technology devices, including speech generating devices and eye trackers. Narrow your search by filtering for access method, which refers to the way in which a person uses a device (with their eyes, hands or switch), and by compatible software

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The PUM is used to replace the PIC17C44 inside of the PICSTART Plus, the device that contains the firmware that can provide support to a maximum firmware version 3.11 in the MPLAB IDE. Because the PUM uses Flash technology, its firmware can be upgraded as needed to gain support for new devices by using an option in the MPLAB IDE Snap with Snap Assist. Snap Assist appears after you've snapped a window but have a lot of available space on your screen. Any other open windows are displayed in that space as thumbnails. To use Snap Assist, click the thumbnail of the window you want to open in the empty space on your screen. If you have two windows displayed side-by-side. Find training and resources on a range of topics to boost your knowledge of Tobii Dynavox products and general best practice in AAC and assistive technology Find resources to help you succeed with your device, incl. video tutorials, how-to guides, support articles, software downloads, manuals & more

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Now let's look at how to do this in Snap Desktop 4. Worksheet: Using high density logos in Snap. For this worksheet, our example survey logo on a standard definition screen is a 300px wide image, but we want it to look sharp on high density devices. Step 1. First, obtain or create a 600px wide version of the normal 300px logo. Your. Find tutorials for your Coolpad Snap. Select a category to view related support topics Learn how to use and troubleshoot the Coolpad Snap. Get tips, user guides, and more, for your device. It's official! T-Mobile & Sprint have merged! Sprint support pages are available for existing Sprint accounts here. If you are looking for more, visit our Migration Center. Down with downtime! Learn how to troubleshoot problems with your mobile phone, tablet, or Internet device. Shop, order.

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The name of your webcam might display as USB Video Device, HP Webcam, USB 2.0 Camera, HP Pavilion Webcam, or similar. If you do not know the name, select a name to see if video displays. If not, try selecting other video device names until you see the video from your webcam display in the window Coolpad Snap delivers a simple, easy-to-use communication experience. Enjoy voice and text messaging and LTE coverage, so you can stay in touch with your family and friends. Mobile Support. Devices. LTE - Compatible devices; Alcatel A50; Alcatel GO FLIP; Alcatel Go Flip 3; Alcatel Idol 4; Alcatel ONE TOUCH 768T; Alcatel ONE TOUCH M'Pop; Alcatel onetouch A392T; Alcatel onetouch Idol 3. USB Host Audio v1.0 Class Driver Stream Direction . This enumeration lists the possible audio stream directions The Snap AR Glasses uses a 3D waveguide display, shining as bright as 2000 nits for both indoors and outdoors. The augmented entities function within a 26.3-degree diagonal field of view. They also have 2RGB cameras and 4 microphones to collect accurate information about the surroundings. With a minimal latency time of 15 milliseconds, the digital objects and animations feel almost natural

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Supported for the devices which have a Dual Bank flash memory. Internal Flash memory is split into two equal banks. Special NVM Fuse setting (AFIRST) is used to identify which bank is mapped to NVM main address space after reset. Start address of Active Bank is always start of Internal Flash memory. Start address of Inactive Bank is from mid of the Internal flash memory which can vary from. Fire stick devices for sale in Trinidad and Tobago. trinitvboxes@gmail.com. Your request has been submitted successfully. Rate us and Write a Review . Your Rating for this listing. Select Images Browse. Title * Review * Your review is recommended to be at least 140 characters long. I Agree. You agree & accept our Terms & Conditions for posting this review? Get Directions . Trinidad and Tobago. ‎ PSAM Fix It is a mobile application that allows the PSAM staff to share any maintenance feedback immediately to the facilities department via their mobile devices. In the submission, the staff can also choose to snap a photo on the spot or upload a picture from the gallery for illustration pur

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