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  2. Unique Handcrafted Leather Journals & Ink-Friendly Pocket Notebooks. Designer Stationery, Fountain Pen Inks, Art & Gift
  3. Here's HOW to Start Art an Journal Step by Step Step 1: Gather Your Art Journaling Supplies Contrary to what you might think, you don't need a lot of art supplies to... Step 2: Prepare a Space to Create You don't need a fancy art studio or even a lot of space to start art journaling -... Step 3:.
  4. Step 1: Gather Some Basic Art Journaling Supplies Unlined art journal, (If you like the tan-paged journal in the photo above, you can find it here .*) Paint - acrylic and/or watercolor are good choices Permanent artist pen in black Pencil My Favorite Art Journaling Supplies: There's a lot you could.
  5. How to Start an Art Journal! - YouTube. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: x1Mc_4InYq3Yp7W2) Videos you watch.

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Art Journaling for Beginners: How to Start an Art Journal

Positive affirmations are a great way to make an art journal page and practice self-awareness. If you're not sure what these are, you can find helpful information on positive affirmations in the post here, under Mindful exercises. In the post, I explain what positive affirmations are and how to use them in your art journals. 10. Use a photo that you love You may decide to dedicate a pen or pencil to writing in your journal. You can attach it to your journal with a ribbon or tie so you always have it on hand. If you choose a pen, make sure the ink does not bleed onto the next page. Use colored pens or pencils to color code your journal 4. Coffee Sleeve Journal: Coffee sleeves are another wonderful candidate for repurposing cardboard. Check out this post I did on making mini-art journals with coffee sleeves and a single sheet of computer paper. 5. Index Card Journal: Another fun and very easy way to make a journal i

In order to start a journal, you'll need a notebook, a writing tool, and a commitment to yourself. The first move is to write your first entry. Then, you can think about keeping up a regular journal! Use the journal as a way to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings - the things that you cannot tell anyone else Just open up the text editor for your operating system, call the file journal.txt, and start writing. Date each entry. If you're using Notepad, here's a nifty Date each entry. If you're using Notepad, here's a nifty little hack to automatically insert the date into your journal entry Sewing journal pages with fabric, paper, or beads; Printing and stamping art journals - you can even make your own! Bookbinding and making your own journals by hand; Making tunnel journals with windows and doors; Writing about your feelings in your journal (and then covering it with paint if you wish! Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing, to create finished pages. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists. When it comes to the types of work represented in artist journals, there really aren't any rules, and each book is as unique as the artist who created it. The smallest art journal I've worked in was barely 3 inches tall

Creative Art Journal Ideas, Tips + Tutorials. Hey there, I'm Chelle Stein and welcome to Artjournalist! I built this website for YOU - to help inspire you + get you started on your creative journaling journey! Connect with your creativity through art journaling techniques, inspirational journal prompts, and of course all of our favorite art journal supplies Your journaling does not need to produce Nobel Prize-worthy prose. You don't need to commit to a life practice right now. Start with one line—about how you are feeling, something you did yesterday, something you are excited about, someone you are thinking about. Start by doing it for one week. Start by writing a few things you are grateful for. Start with a sentence about the mindset you are going to attack the day with, about something interesting you learned in your reading yesterday.

In this video, I'll show you an art journal tutorial and I'm giving you seven tips how you can get inspiration when you feel unmotivat... Welcome on my channel How do you start nature journaling? Dedicate time for a nature walk and bring along your favorite mediums - paper, pencils, markers, chalks. Then, find a spot to rest and begin to document what you see freely and without borders. Write notes, draw creatures, begin creative prompts, and capture the essence of the day. Nature art journaling allows you to practice mindfulness, connect with your. Art Journaling. Home » Art Journaling. 13 Free Printable Mindfulness Colouring Sheets. Mindfulness Colouring Mindfulness colouring is a fun and simple way to add calm into your life and be present. Use these free mindfulness colouring sheets that you can print at Read More about 13 Free Printable Mindfulness Colouring Sheets. Clever Ways to Organize and Store Washi Tape. Washi tape.

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  1. Whether you're just getting started and want to know more about how to start an art journal, or you're just looking to take your journaling skills to the next level and discover how to further your abilities, these online tutorials, taught by experts and experienced professionals will help you advance your understanding. With the support of a community of creators, and short lessons with hands-on projects, you can improve your skills with these Skillshare classes
  2. Keep an art journal to trace your creative path. by Cathy Johnson. Art journals open doors to our unique brands of creativity as places to plan, dream, respond to something that catches our eye and process the events in our lives. Inside we can sketch; test new colors, tools or materials; practice a variety of washes or techniques; doodle; plan.
  3. Begin with a word - Choose a word or randomly pick one from the dictionary, then explore the word in your art journal with writing, imagery, color, etc. Go for ugly - Just for fun, challenge yourself to make an ugly page on purpose! Spread some color - Squirt 2-3 colors of acrylic paint onto your page then move it around with an old key card

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  1. It teaches you how to art journal fo... This is edited from a live recording on FB. It is a basic art journaling tutorial for beginners to help you get started
  2. Draw some silly faces or people on printer paper and cut them out. Use masking (decorator's) tape - write on it with markers or pencils and stick it straight down on the page. Buy some old 80s and 90s coffee table-style books at the thrift store and cut them up
  3. Once you have your books, you're ready to start preparing it for altering and making into an art journal! Step 2: Start Ripping Out the Pages of the Old Book if Necessary Something I've learned with experience if you will be using the book for an art journal is that you may want to do is rip out at least half of the pages in the book. This may sound scary, but it will give you a LOT more.

How to Start Journaling. My love affair with journaling started at the young age of 10. I think the first ever journal entry I wrote was about my goldfish who had died and how sad I was. Being a sensitive introvert, recording my thoughts just seemed to come naturally to me as it allowed me to process what I was going through. Journaling was also a private space to open my mind and heart and. Bullet Journal - Sketchnotes - Doodles - Handlettering- Tutorial - Anleitungen. Schön, dass du da bist! Hier gibt es viele verschiedene Inspirationen und Anleitunge

Getting started with journaling can be frustrating, especially if you don't know what to write. But with so many benefits, it's easy to understand why so many people want to make it a habit. Writing down your personal thoughts and feelings isn't something most people do on a regular basis. So sitting and staring down at a blank piece of paper trying to figure out how to start journaling. Hier habe ich dir meine persönlichen Material-Empfehlungen für deinen Start ins Art Journaling zusammengestellt. Viel Spaß damit! Grundsätzlich brauchst du nicht viel, um mit Art Journaling zu beginnen. Du bist völlig frei in deiner Kreativität und kannst dir deine Materialien ganz nach Belieben aussuchen. Einige Dinge sind jedoch sehr hilfreich, wenn du sie zur Hand hast. Diese möchte. Supplies I recommend for a Art Journal Starter Kit. Moleskine accordion fold journal - Moleskine journals are very high quality. These pages are tough and stand up to anything I've done to them - cutting, painting, sewing, you name it. Micron pens - Microns don't pool and they write smoothly. They are my favorite black pen. Sakura Gelly Roll pens - If you haven't realized my.

When I started I called it Art Journaling, but I like the term visual or creative journal better! I have not shared much of that journey with you and I will soon in a post to talk about what it has done for me in my life, creatively and otherwise! But today I wanted to go over some ways of how to keep a visual journal. I love it, I really do! You don't need any fancy supplies to start, I got. Are you ready to start combining your faith and your creative side and embrace art journaling in your Bible? Earlier this week I told you my story about how I got started Bible art journaling. There are so many methods (stamping, drawing, painting, mixed-media, etc.) that make up this few new form of worship, and we'll cover many of them in my upcoming webinar with FaithGateway - Bible Art. Wenn du aber ausschließlich deswegen dein Bullet Journal starten möchtest, wird es dir wahrscheinlich so gehen wie zuvor erwähnt: Du wirst nicht sonderlich lange durchhalten. Denn die kreative Gestaltung kostet einfach Zeit und Zeit haben die wenigsten von uns. Deswegen an dieser Stelle nochmal der Hinweis: Mache dich mit dem System vertraut, das hinter dem Bullet Journal steht. Wenn du da.

Pick journal prompts. If you aren't sure what you want to write about, find different journal and writing prompts to spark your creativity. Journal prompts are a great way to think more deeply about things that inspire you and to spark new ideas. Pick a quote that you've been inspired about. Use the quote as a prompt to write a short story. To start your own magazine, begin by deciding what you want the magazine to be about, like sports or fashion. Additionally, decide who your target audience will be, such as 20-something females or men over 40. You'll also need to build a team of writers, photographers, and graphic designers to help you create your first issue. Then, choose a reputable printer with reasonable costs, solid.

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Starting Your Own Art Program Written from an artist's point of view, How to Facilitate Art for Older Adults is a practical guide on how to take your art facilitation ideas into the real world. A guidebook on how to develop art programs for older adults based on the Artworks Studio model started by the Red Cross in Canada after World War II If you have family members or friends who may be interested in starting a sketchbook journal, consider creating together. In high school, my friends and I used to get out our art supplies, sit at the kitchen table, and create as we chatted and snacked. Sometimes, we'd even trade sketchbooks for a few minutes to create content in each others' sketchbooks! Now, those traded pages are a fun. To write an art exhibition review, start with an introductory paragraph that introduces a thesis about the exhibit. Then, break the body of your review up into individual sections that each focus on specific artwork in the exhibition. In each section, make sure you include descriptions of the art, your analysis and interpretation of the artwork, a consideration of the space it was displayed in. We teach you how to make them work for you in your journal. This is not about art. If you can write the letters M and Q, you have all the artistic talent you need. This is about thinking on paper and n o two journals are alike because no one thinks exactly like you. Your journaling style will fit you--because you are the one creating it. Better yet, you can adapt it over time as your needs. Hello All! I promise I will write an updated journal soon with what has been going on in my life (because there is a lot) but for now I just wanted to get the old journal off my page, because it has been sitting there for months haha. For now, here are the basic links to platforms people have been asking about: :star: Patreon Pin of the Month.

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10 Art Journaling Ideas. I love to use my journal for planning crafts and getting out all of my ideas; I am much more successful keeping up with the journal this way. The art journal trend is so fun, and I can't wait to try out some of these remarkable art journal ideas Starting an art journal seems like a good idea - until you are faced with that first pristine, white-as-snow first page. It's a beautiful book, you chose well, and, in your mind's eye, you can see the finished journal - inviting, colorful and bulging with your creativity... but how to start? How to break through the paralysis of the first white page? Usually, I start by painting a few pages. Thank you for the list, I am anticipating on getting started on my art journal and really appreciate what you have done. Although, I noticed on the list that numbers 13. 14. and 15. are repeated, 257. thru 266 are missing and there are actually only 359 word prompts. I only say this in case you wanted to update the list. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Reply. Chelle. November 7, 2013. Art Journal gives voice and publication opportunity to artists, art historians and other writers in the visual arts Try this: Put on some relaxing music, grab some paper or your art journal, a gel pen, Sharpie, or ball point pen, and try one of the doodle ideas below. Trace a cup or a bowl to create a large circle in the middle of your page - this will be your drawing space. Experiment with keeping your lines close together so that you have to work carefully. As I often tell my art mentoring clients, part.

First Summarize the specific art skills to be developed, the specific art knowledge to learn, and the attitudes to be fostered. These are the goals and objectives of the lesson (or unit). Good teachers often write the final exam first. Some call it backward planning. As we write this, we begin to imagine ideas about how these things can be learned. Even when no actual exam is planned, we do. When I started art journaling in about 2007, I had NO idea what I was doing! Having a resource like this would have been incredible but I actually learned about mixed media techniques from a book, to begin with. Then, when I was learned more about working in journals from random free guides. To create journal pages easily, you want to learn the basics first. That way, you won't waste time and. While some bullet journal diehards have supply closets that would make your grade school art teacher green with envy, you don't need to raid the local craft store to start a bullet journal. All you really need is a blank journal, a pen, and a pencil When you start writing down what you're stressed about, you can start thinking about how you're going to solve the problem that's causing you stress in the first place. I've been journaling about my fears for a long time now. And it truly helps. If you want to read more about that process, check out this article I wrote a while back

These mixed media creations also make a wonderful addition to your art portfolio. When starting your first mixed media creation, feel be to be playful—and get messy! The goal is to learn how the mediums can interact with each other, so don't be afraid to experiment. It's better to go too far and pull back for your next piece than to be too timid and never know what the mediums you use. stART Journaling: An Art Journal Workbook is an instruction guide and workbook created to help you eliminate all fear and anxiety of creating your first (or second or third) art journal page. With more than a dozen techniques from some of our best authors, you'll have no trouble finding ways to begin. Guaranteed. And the best part? The journal is included! You'll find 60+ lightly textured.

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Start a gratitude journal with these 45 Gratitude Journal Prompts to inspire you! Free Printable & How to Make Your Very Own Junk to Joy™ Gratitude journal. 30 Christmas & Holiday Themed Journal Prompts. Here are 30 holiday themed art journal prompts sure to get you in the holiday spirit. 31 Halloween Themed Art Journal Prompts. Get creative this fall with these 31 Halloween themed art. My journals are full of doodles and it is, in fact, a cross between a bullet journal and an art journal. It just goes to reinforce the previous statement - your bullet journal is totally customizable. Unlike other planners, it is a budget-friendly option. There are many expensive planners and fancy bullet journal supplies out there but purchasing them is totally optional. Starting a bullet. Journaling is more of an art than a science. There are no rules with journaling. It only takes one word to start. Here are a few guidelines for that first word: There are no rules with journaling.

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In How to Start Art Journaling, I'll walk you through EXACTLY how to, well, start art journaling. (What. My creativity doesn't always extend to naming things. The name is CLEAR, okay.) You'll learn: What the Frida Kahlo art journaling actually is (and why you'll love it like your long-lost secret chocolate stash). The art journaling tools you need to become a prolific creative (and how. I started a writing group when I lived on Bowen Island, BC - and that's when I wrote 7 Tips for Starting a Writers' Group - Writing Alone, Together.A writers' group is different than a journaling group, and Cutler et al's book inspired me to start a whole new group for women who want to be creative together

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I started doing commissions when I felt right about my art; when I trusted myself in mastering human/animal anatomy good enough to give good results, when I trusted myself in being able to shade an artwork, and make simple backgrounds for it. And even then, it was pretty difficult to set up that first Commission Information journal Art Journal Courage is also lovely, but very different from this book. One is to teach (this one) and the other is to empower (the courage one). They both give you lots of different things to try, but without the basics it can be overwhelming. This book helps alleviate some of that and teaches you just enough to make creating art more enjoyable (as it should be) If you've been looking to start the journaling habit, it is important to start simple so you can build momentum and see your progress. Let's go through what you need to do to set up an ongoing journaling setup in Evernote. Step 1: Create a Notebook for the Current Year. Creating a notebook in Evernote is pretty basic stuff, so all you need to do is create a notebook that you'll use.

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The Art Journal was the most important British 19th-century magazine on art. It was founded in 1839 by Hodgson & Graves, print publishers, 6 Pall Mall, with the title the Art Union Monthly Journal (or The Art Union), the first issue of 750 copies appearing 15 February 1839.It was published in London but its readership was global in reach Bible Art Journaling - How to get started!! Christy: (while chatting on the phone) I keep forgetting to tell you about Bible Art Journaling! Allison: What's that?? Sounds interesting!! Christy: People are doing art journaling right inside their Bibles. Google it. Allison: (Googling) This is soooo cool!! This is so me!! Christy: I thought you'd like it! And I thought we could do it together. Explore Journaling Classes Online. Discovery is just around the corner as you learn more about journaling. Dive into classes that explore tools, techniques and topics like journal prompts, self care, and more. Whether you're just getting started and want to know more about how to start an art journal, or you're just looking to take your.

Aug 21, 2020 - This is a place to gather some of my favorite journal pages I've found surfing the net. They will inspire me and hopefully, my students, in our own journaling. See more ideas about art journal, journal pages, art journal inspiration Art journaling allows us access to new knowledge and understanding about our feelings and the type of person that we are. Combining art with keeping a journal doesn't have to be complicated, by taking time to art journal (just 15 minutes a day or even just an hour a week) your life will be enriched abundantly. Art journaling creates a deeper. Art journaling is by no means the royal road to intentions coming true. But when using art expression to make visible and tangible a positive intention for oneself, I believe that Capacchione was. Art Business Journal. artrepreneur. Featured Articles. Financial Planning for Artists to Grow Your Business. May 18, 2021. Artists: learn how to manage your art business in a financially responsible way aimed toward sustainable growth! Understanding your Market as an Illustrator. May 11, 2021. How to Ace Your Creative Job Interview . May 4, 2021. How to Hit a Home Run with Your Pitch. Aug 2, 2019 - Explore Shawna Kermott's board Art Journals, followed by 3045 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about art journal, art journal inspiration, mixed media art journaling

Art Journal. We fill these with drawings, self-portraits, art studies, and more. Our favorite way to use them is for the kids to draw while I read them a story. They can't look at the pictures in the book until they are finished drawing their own illustrations. They have so much fun with this, and the bonus is they retain much more from the story this way. 2. Nature Journal. We started these. In order to start an art gallery in the world today, there is really only one key component: Great artists, individuals who you believe in and are willing to fight for in the context of selling. Making art is fun. But there's a lot more to it. It might serve an evolutionary purpose — and emerging research shows that it can help us process difficult emotions and tap into joy It seems to me strange to start a talk about my art with someone with HOW? The more natural way for me is to talk first about WHAT I do, then WHY I do that and HOW is the last point. My question is if that changed order I have proposed is equally acceptable? Reply. Agora Experts Feb 27, 2016. Dear Danuta, this is a great question. As we mention in the article, you should balance the content of.

According to Malchiodi, because everyone started scribbling as kids, this is a natural place to start with art therapy. Before you begin, she suggests relaxing for a few minutes, listening to. Maybe journaling isn't for you, and you just have never taken the time to really prove that to yourself. Or maybe you love the practice, and simply haven't gotten into the habit yet. Either way, I hope this calendar presents you with ample opportunity to take the journaling bull by the horns and experience all its benefits Art Business Journal. Get Hired • Interviewing 10 Artist Interview Questions You Must Be Able to Answer. May 11, 2021. Nicole Martinez. If you've secured that important artist interview with a potential collector, arts journalist, gallerist, art advisor or curator, you need to prepare for it. Being prepared for an interview shows the person on the receiving end that you're respectful of. To start journaling, pick a convenient time to write every day and challenge yourself to write whatever comes to your mind for 20 minutes. Use your journal to process your feelings or work on your self-improvement goals. Steps. Part 1 of 3: Starting a Journaling Habit Download Article PRO. 1. Decide if you want to keep a paper journal or a digital journal. Typically, writing by hand helps you. Hello All! I promise I will write an updated journal soon with what has been going on in my life (because there is a lot) but for now I just wanted to get the old journal off my page, because it has been sitting there for months haha. For now, here are the basic links to platforms people have been asking about: :star: Patreon Pin of the Month.

Date your journal pages, starting with the first entry (after the first few pages). Start with your intentions for the journal (a short list on one of the first few pages). Start with a note to yourself relinquishing the idea of perfection or originality. What to Write in a Journal. Whether you use daily journaling prompts or just write whatever is on your mind, knowing how to journal opens a. If this is the case, these journals might be a good place to start. While the quality and reputation of journals is important, you might not wish to aim for the highest quality or top-ranked journal in your field for your first publication, since this could increase the chances that your article might be rejected. You should compile a list of between five and ten journals in which you would. In the following, first I will discuss the steps one should follow before starting the exact writing and then the different components of the structure of an article will be elaborated. Before Writing Journal Article: Before getting into the writing, you should first bring your thoughts together on the content of the paper Die deutsch-französische Redaktion des ARTE Journals berichtet von Montag bis Freitag um 12.50 Uhr und 19.20 Uhr, und am Wochenende um 19.10 Uhr über das tagesaktuelle politische Geschehen aus europäischer Sicht

I'd feel like I failed, like I had to get a new journal and start over. Then, in 8th grade, I made the decision to stop expecting to write every day. And that was all it took. Sometimes I write. If you're unfamiliar with bullet journaling or feel a little overwhelmed by it, here's a short video to help you get started. Art Journals INFJ, INFP, ENFP, ENFJ. You're a diplomat who appreciates harmony when working with others. You work well in teams, and you are both inspiring and easily inspired by those around you. Turn that inspiration into an art journal. Working creatively can.

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Art analysis is an integral component of most high school art programs. Aim to analyze work by a range of historical and contemporary artists, from a range of different cultures. Artist work should be relevant to your project and offer valuable learning opportunities, whether in approach to subject-matter, composition, technique or medium. You should also analyze your own artwork within the. Most notebooks and journals that sell well have a particular theme, purpose, or central focus. Discover these tips to make a successful notebook or journal to sell. This post was inspired by Melissa Schulz, founder of Branded Licensing, and sales agent for Pattern Observer. Melissa Schulz has worked in the licensing world for 25 years and has extensive experience in designing for journals and.

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They have a template for a yearly journal that you could easily use as a framework for your planner. You can include up to 480 pages, quotes, and prompted pages. Blurb partners with a company called BookWright, so to get started, head over there then select Create followed by the Notebooks button. From there, Blurb provides you with. How to Start Licensing Your Art (and Why You Should) By Natasha Wescoat. Painting by Natasha Wescoat licensed to Murals Your Way. When I began as an artist, I was really enjoying the experience of selling my work directly to people. It was so much more exciting than hanging it on a wall in a gallery. I had more control over my work, when it was available and where I could place it for sale. Start any journal that you want including travel journals, personal journals, a physical fitness journal, or any journal you feel like creating. There are a lot of therapeutic benefits to starting and maintaining a journal. These online platforms make it easy to start a journal today and keep up with it year round. Whether you want to record those critical events in your life or start the. As a bonus, you will end up with beautiful drawings and patterns that you can use to embellish your bullet journal or create art—but remember: it's the process that matters, and the end results are secondary. Meditative Drawing for Mindfulness: The Basics . The historical Buddha, Siddhãrta Gautama, taught a simple mindfulness practice: When walking, walk; when standing, stand; when. Thanks for sharing. I have been struggling to start my journal for the lack of a simple template. Asking SMART questions in the morning and answering them by expressing my reasoning from my learning experiences at the end of each day, seems doable. I just need to be consistent and keep up journaling. Thanks once again. Reply. Sam Thomas Davies says. July 29, 2016 at 3:11 pm. Thanks for reading.

You can outsmart dreaded journal block by writing so fast that the Internal Critic and the Internal Censor can't keep up. Keep your pen moving! 6. Start writing; keep writing. Start with the present moment (What's going on?) Or start with a feeling (I'm so mad I could bust!) Or start with a story (Today the weirdest. Writing, like every other art, cannot be learned wholly from books or lectures, but can be learned largely by experience. The best training is to start the task and persevere. The act of writing, like surgical techniques, must be learned the hard way, by practice and perseverance. Anyone can start writing but only a good writer can finish the task. Previous article in issue; Next article in. If you're looking for supplies to get started, each series in the Bible Art Journaling Challenge has a supplies list attached, when you go to their specific blog page to learn more. Also, I've made a fairly comprehensive page full of links to general Bible journaling supplies I can recommend, PLUS my free Complete Guide To Choosing A Journaling Bible If you notice something that you otherwise would not have seen, remember it more vividly, or start asking yourself more interesting questions about what you observe than the journaling is a success. Embrace this idea and go. This gives you permission to make lots of pictures. If you make lots of pictures you get better. Art is a side effect of the process of journaling

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I absolutely love art journals. I must have just about every art journaling book that is in print. But I haven't yet started my own out of pure fear. That white paper page grows legs and a voice that dances around and says, Nah, nah, you can't do this and do it perfectly. Then I got this book and on page 27, down in the right corner there is. Start with the basics. First, journaling is just a way to record your thoughts and feelings. Second, deciding to journal is a great way to improve your wellbeing. Journaling isn't just beneficial. Keep an Art Journal. An art journal is similar to the journal described in the point above, but you include drawings, doodles, and embellishments. In addition, you can cut out pictures from magazines and glue them into your art journal, and include photographs and other visual elements. 13. Keep Track of the Ideas in the Books You Read. When you're reading a book in order to acquire. Journaling is a much easier way to start implementing mindfulness than other techniques, such as meditation, for example. Besides the ease of starting a journaling habit, it also has positive benefits, enhancing physical health (Pennebaker, 1997) and improved academic performance (Scherer, 2002) Start a digital journal - download Journey app today! Try it today. How to Reflect Effectively. According to Schön, there are two types of reflection, one during and one after an activity or event. Reflection In-Action. When you are thinking about or reflecting while you are in an activity, you are using reflection in-action. Some reflection include: Experiencing; Thinking on your feet.

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